Leelanau Cellars FAQ

Nutrition Information

All of our wines are certified gluten free!

All of our white wines, rosés, fruit wines, and Witches Brews are 100% vegan friendly!

All of our Peninsula Varietal white wines along with our Witches Brew, Autumn Harvest, Red Sangria, and White Sangria are certified vegetarian.

Our wine is not certified dairy free. There are trace amounts of the casein protein found in the lining of our barrels, so our wines would have the potential to contain small amounts of dairy.

    • Dry wines: approximately 3.5 g per 5 oz serving
    • Semi-dry wines: 3.75 – 7.5 g per 5 oz serving
    • Medium sweet wines: 7.5 – 30 g per 5 oz serving
    • Sweet wines: 30 g+ per 5 oz serving
    • Dry wines: 3.5 – 10 g per 5 oz serving
    • Semi-dry wines: 10 – 20 g per 5 oz serving
    • Medium sweet wines: 20 – 70 g per 5 oz serving
    • Sweet wines: 70 g+ per 5 oz serving
    • Dry wines: approximately 70 per 5 oz serving
    • Semi-dry wines: approximately 120 per 5 oz serving
    • Medium sweet wines: approximately 150 per 5 oz serving
    • Sweet wines: 160+ per 5 oz serving

Drink within 3-7 days after opening for maximum freshness. Before opening, our red wines have a shelf-life of +5 years while our white wines have a shelf-life of 2-5 years.

We do use gelatin in the production of our Estate red wines. All of our white wines, our Seasonal wines, Fruit wines, and Great Lakes Red wine are free from gelatin.

Yes! All our wines are free of any nut products.

We include a commonly used SO2 to inhibit the growth of bacteria in our wines.

Shipping/Online Sales

Please see this page for information regarding charitable donations.

Due to individual state laws, we are currently only able to ship to the following states:

19.OHIO (OH)

Please check back in the future, as we are in the process of adding more.

You will receive an order confirmation email with an order number shortly after placing your order. All orders will be processed and shipped within 4-5 business days. Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number. Expected delivery on orders is between 5-10 business days.

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Tasting Room

We only allow service or therapy dogs into our Tasting Room. You are welcome to bring your pet to sit with you on the patio outside our Tasting Room.

Yes, but for only four days of the week! We currently offer free tastings from Monday to Wednesday. We offer five tastings per guest for $5.00 from Thursday to Sunday.  We also have wine by the glass available for purchase for $5.00.

We gladly welcome all bus tours! We ask that you please call in advance to let us know you’re coming. Our number is 231-386-5201

We appreciate a call ahead for groups larger than 8!

We offer the best prices in the region, with bottle prices ranging from $7.00 to $20.00. We also offer 25% case discounts in our tasting room.

We do! Our wine by the glass prices are all $5.00. We also offer wine flights ranging for $12.00.

Of course! Please let one of our associates know if you have kids with you and they will be happy to offer your child a complementary coloring book and juice box.

We do! You can get 25% off for 12 or more bottles.

Our tasting room has plenty to offer besides wine. We have a fantastic assortment of merchandise, hats, accessories, wine trinkets, glassware, and specialty items. We are attached to a restaurant if you’d like to grab a bite to eat before or after your wine tasting.